Hi, I am Rohit jain currently final year undergradutate at JIIT with Computer Science and Engineering as major.

I have a huge interest in creating web applications with managing all the aspects of it i.e. the frontend(Angular, React), backend(Flask-Rest-API), database(MongoDB, using ORM over SQL, graphql), hosting (gh-pages, aws amplify, Heroku) and managing domain (creating A record for a subdomain). Also, I have experience in creating Flutter applications using firebase as a backend service.

Further, I am experienced in using Docker and Docker-compose for packaging an application along with the Continuous Integration and Continuous Development of the application. In a recent project, I’ve also used AWS, making me familiar with the microservices and how to use it to scale an application.

I have interest in finance and love reading about it. I also created a trading bot for cryptocurrency and options strategy generator.

Checkout my projects @ Github



  1. Crypto Trading Bot:

    A trading bot based on Bollinger band strategy to generate buy/sell signals. Currently the project uses Binance apiV3 to fetch live data.

  2. Recipe-App

    Web application for adding new recipe and search for recipes online. Flask and MongoDB for the RESTful API and Angular for the frontend.

  3. Frontend Editor

    Simple HTML, CSS, jQuery based web developement environment for designers and developers to design page with live preview and download their webpage.

  4. dev-portfolio-blog

    Jekyll based theme used to host blogs, profile and Resume. Simple and optimized minimal theme for users. For example the website you are currently using.

  5. Clock App

    React Native based clock app. This is simple clock component where the user can change the font, color, timezone and the format.